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Twelve Art

White Fur 04

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45,000.00 ฿ THB
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45,000.00 ฿ THB
Acrylic on canvas

Line: @twelveart

Contact for Availability Currently on show at Aesthetics of Nature Exhibition. Only available until 7th January 2023.

The beauty of nature is all around us, we just need to stop and look out for them. This series feature 16 colourful semi-abstract paintings by Supmanee Chaisansuk, this series of artworks display an intertwined connection between the artist’s imagination of nature, alongside the very delicate aesthetics that can be found in Mother Earth’s greatest creations. Drawn in by astounding natural textures, her paintings express the softness and fluffiness of fur, hair, wool and feathers, all of which reminds viewers to appreciate the overlooked beauty of nature that is so simple, yet so plentiful around us.